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So what is an escape room?

Prepare for an entirely new type of entertainment in Chamonix!

Looking for a different and exciting group activity?
Bad weather? Fancy a day's rest from Chamonix's typical activities?
We’ve spent months creating our escape room to provide a challenging, stimulating, bond-building and above all fun adventure. As you solve our puzzles and missions, you’ll learn a few things about yourself and the people you’re locked-in with! Tests your wits and race against the clock.
Read below to learn more about how it all works...

Get locked in a mysterious fully immersive room


Full of multi sensory experiences and a few surprises.

(If you are a little nervous of being locked in, we are happy to leave the door physically unlocked, this won't take away from the gameplay!)

Chained Door
Escape Room Items

Search for puzzles and clues

You'll find a selection of puzzles ranging from basic mathematics, logical, analytical and mildly physical. Solutions will lead you to the next clues. A mentally challenging and fun experience like nothing before!

Work together as a team to
complete the challenges

Our puzzles aim to promote teamwork and strengthen bonds between players, be that your friends, family or co-workers!

Combination Lock

Race to escape within 60 minutes…and then celebrate!

Will you set a new record and make it onto our leaderboard? How many hints will you need?

Never been before? Unsure if this is your kind of 'thing'?

Keep reading...

Who can play?

Are Escape Room Games for me?

Team- building groups

Dream team

Whether you are breaking in the rookies or you need a little boost with communications in your existing team, we've got a far better option than sitting in a boardroom! Break the ice, overcome challenges and get your team working together effectively!

Stag/hen parties

Good-time Gang

Great for breaking the ice with new groups, blow the cobwebs off that hangover! Perfect pre-drinks entertainment. Laugh amongst the chaos, come in fancy dress, we don't mind! Maybe even leave with some new life skills for the next exciting chapter of your life.

Special Events

Celebrate with something new!

Birthday coming up? Just got engaged? Just nailed your first frontside 360? Whatever you are celebrating we'd love to host your get-together. Talk to us about extras like cakes or surprise parties. We also do gift vouchers!


The unbeatable bond

Finding activities you and your teenagers can do together can be impossible! 

But our games are fun for ages 12+ with different puzzles aimed at different strengths. Leave with memories that will last you a lifetime.


Dynamic duo

Are you peas in a pod or opposites attracted? Will your dynamic be the winning combination? Whether it's date night number 1 or 1000, try something a little different by injecting some adrenaline and teamwork!


Partners in crime

Groups of up to 5 can play a single game together, or split larger groups in 2 or more and take it in turns to battle for the best time! Who will be your leader, who will be your weakest link? Nows the time to use your strengths together!

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