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Legal information


Company information:



Siret: 843572694 00019

Forme Juridique: Société à responsabilité limitée

Cat Juristic: 5499

Code NAF: 9329Z

Sports et loisirs

Autres activités récréatives et de loisirs (9329Z)


Capital social : 5 000,00 €, a débuté son activité en octobre 2018.

Gerant: CLARKE Gemma

Website host:


WIX.COM LTD, Société étrangère immatriculée au RCS, a débuté son activité en octobre 2014.

Le siège social de cette entreprise est actuellement situé 40 Port de tel Aviv - Tel aviv jaffa 6350671

WIX.COM LTD évolue sur le secteur d'activité : Activités des sièges sociaux ; conseil de gestion

Intelectual property:

All images and text are used with the permission of the owner.

The 'Escape Game Chamonix' name and logo's are Trademarked with INPI.

INPI Numéro national : 4781021

Consumer mediator rights:

All consumers have the right to consult a consumer mediator in the event of a dispute not being settled amicably with a company. 

We recommend the Mediator de la Federation Professionelle du e-commerce et de la vente a distance (FEVAD) based in Paris.

Or for international European consumers we recommend (available in many languages).

Payment provides:

Stripe France

All payments are processed remotely using Bookeo and Stripe France , no payment details are handled or viewed by Escape Game Chamonix

See their personal privacy policies here:

Individuals’ rights under the GDPR

Under the Data Protection Directive, individuals were guaranteed certain basic rights with regard to their personal data. Individuals’ rights continue to apply under the GDPR, subject to some clarifying amendments. The below chart compares individuals’ rights under the Data Protection Directive and the GDPR.


DATA SUBJECT ACCESS REQUESTIndividuals have the right to know whether their personal data are being processed, what and how personal data about them is being processed, and what the data processing operations are.The extent of this right has been expanded under the GDPR. For example, when making an access request, individuals must receive additional information, including information about their additional data protection rights under the GDPR that did not exist before, such as the right to data portability.

RIGHT TO OBJECTAn individual may prohibit certain data processing operations where he or she has compelling legitimate grounds. Individuals may also object to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes.The GDPR has broadened the scope of this right in comparison to the Data Protection Directive.

RIGHT TO RECTIFICATION OR ERASUREIndividuals may request that incomplete data be completed or that incorrect data be corrected to ensure that the processing of personal data be in compliance with applicable data protection principles.The GDPR position is materially the same as the Data Protection Directive, but some procedural protections are increased under the GDPR.

RIGHT TO RESTRICTIONNo right to restrict processing. However, the Data Protection Directive provides individuals the right to request the blocking of their personal data where the processing operations are not in compliance with data protection principles, for example when data are incomplete or inaccurate.The GDPR offers individuals the right to request the restriction of the processing of their personal data in certain circumstances, including where the individual contests the accuracy of the data.

RIGHT TO ERASURE (“RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN”)Individuals have the right to seek erasure of their personal data if the processing operations were not in compliance with data protection principles. Therefore, this right is very narrow.The GDPR has expanded this right substantially. For example, the right to erasure can be exercised when personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected, or the individual withdraws consent to the processing and no other legal basis supports continued processing.

RIGHT TO DATA PORTABILITYThe Data Protection Directive does not explicitly mention “data portability” as a right of a data subject. EU Member State laws may have implemented additional rights akin to a right for data portability on a national level.Individuals may request that personal data held by one data controller be provided to themselves or another controller.


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